Get the quick facts on the nation’s core credit card processors. These are the companies that operate their own Front-end and Back-end platforms that ensure your customers funds are delivered to your business. If you’re in the market for merchant services, you’re 99.99% using one of the below companies either directly or through an ISO/MSP reseller.

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MIR Rating 2.5 out of 5 stars
About Heritage dating back to 1970. Formerly 5/3 (Fifth Third) Processing Solutions since 2003. Established 2011. HQ – Cincinnati OH.
Markets National Processing Company, Jeanie ATM Network, Skipjack payment gateway
Portfolio Element Payments, Mercury Payments, Payline Data, FattMerchant
Customers 400,000 merchant in 8 countries
Revenue $726 billion in annual transaction volume with 20 billion transactions
Common Complaints Low: however high complaint level from sales channels ISO’s/sub-ISO’s
Early Termination Fee $295 - $495 and/or Liquidated Damages Clause
Rate Structures Interchange Pass-thru, Tier Pricing, Blended
Customer Service Rating Bad – unresponsive, long hold times
Online Reporting Tool iam / iQ -
Cons Liquidated Damages (10-15% of projected earnings over the remainder of the contract), Preferred Tier-Pricing, Hidden fees, Auto-Renew contracts, Limited QC on multiple marketing channels
Pros Vast processing capabilities, Large POS presence
Highlights No recent highlights from this company
Customer Service 866-622-2390
Stock Symbol NYSE “VNTV”

MIR Rating 3 out of 5 stars
About Part of US Bank’s (US Bancorp) payment service division. Established 2008. HQ – Atlanta GA
Markets Helcim, East West Bank, Bank of the West, Costco Merchant Services
Portfolio US Bank, US Bancorp
Customers 1.3M+ merchants in 30 countries
Revenue $300 billion in annual transaction volume
Common Complaints High: too many support departments. Technology is behind other processors.
Early Termination Fee $0
Rate Structures Interchange Pass-thru, Flat rate, Tier-Pricing, Enhanced IC
Customer Service Rating Below Avg. Friendly customer service, however there are multiple customer support departments with poor communication
Online Reporting Tool MerchantConnect –
Cons high cost for equipment Leasing programs with terms ranging from 24-48mos through Ladco Leasing. Auto-renewal contracts, minimum monthly service fee not consistent with cancellation/ETF. Higher than average transaction fee @ $0.19/trans
Pros Merchant service solutions for businesses of all sizes. Notably the flat rate pricing for small businesses. No hidden fees. US-based customer service
Highlights Poynt credit card terminal
Customer Service 800-725-1243
Stock Symbol n/a

MIR Rating 3.5 out of 5 stars
About HUGE credit card processor with thousands of resellers including ISO/Agent and Financial Institutions. Roughly 45% of processing is the US is handled by FD. Established 1969. HQ – Atlanta GA
Markets Citibank, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Banco Poplar, Suntrust Bank
Portfolio CardConnect, Clover POS, Ignite Payments
Customers 6M+ merchants; caters to full spectrum of merchants. Majority are SMB/SME
Revenue $300 billion in annual transaction volume
Common Complaints Above average: due to lack of quality control through reseller channels
Early Termination Fee $500 and/or Liquidated Damages based on minimum monthly fees over remainder of contract term.
Rate Structures Interchange Pass-thru, Flat rate w/ enhanced billback, Multi-Tier Pricing
Customer Service Rating Average. High-level support. However, with high wait times often 20-40 mins till resolution.
Online Reporting Tool Businesstrack –
Cons Poor customer support and training. High Fees with enhanced billback billing method. Confusing statements. Reserve accounts and tendency to hold funds and/or drop accounts without notice. High lease fees at 48-60mo terms with First Data Global Leasing (FDGL). Annual fee increases.
Pros Leaders in payment technology. Majority of product offerings are proprietary.
Highlights Acquisition of CardConnect
Customer Service 877-810-9315
Stock Symbol NYSE “FDC”

MIR Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars
About the honest credit card processor with it’s own in-house sales team. No ISO/Agent and Financial Institutions sales channels. Established 1997. HQ – Princeton NJ
Markets Schools, 20% of Restaurant market
Portfolio Dinerware POS, Cash Register Express, PC America POS, Liquor POS,
Customers 300,000 merchants
Revenue $120 billion in annual transaction volume
Common Complaints Low: due to simplicity and transparency of merchant statements
Early Termination Fee $295 / Satisfaction Guarantee
Rate Structures Interchange Pass-thru, Interchange + Flat Fee
Customer Service Rating Excellent. High-level support with low wait times. Very accommodating and flexible.
Online Reporting Tool InfoCentral
Cons Expensive flat fee price plan for low volume merchants processing less than $50k/yr. Limited offerings on tablet-based POS solutions. Not recommended for seasonal merchants.
Pros Reputation for industry leading data security and transparency. High presence in innovative solutions for niche markets. Endorsed by the Restaurant Association. eCommerce SecureSubmit tool eliminates PCI liability and protects customer information. Easy to read merchant statements. No hidden fees or sales gimmicks. 
Highlights Recently acquired by Global Payments. Heartland Payroll+HR Solutions, Heartland Lending with Amex. Launched new partnership with HSBC Bank under Global Payments direction. Acquisition of Beanstock for SMB market.
Customer Service 888-936-3600
Stock Symbol formerly “HPY”

MIR Rating 3.5 out of 5 stars
About global presence serving in 30 countries. Their niche appears to be in complex business markets. Established 1967. HQ – Atlanta GA
Markets HSBC Bank through Heartland Payment Systems,
Portfolio eWAY, Realex Payments, Ezidebit, AuctionPay, Payment Processing
Customers 2.5 million merchants in 30 countries
Revenue $550 Billion in transaction volume with $11B Transactions
Common Complaints Above average: inconsistent service fees
Early Termination Fee $500 and/or Liquidated Damages whichever is greater.
Rate Structures Interchange Pass-thru, Flat Rate, Tiered pricing
Customer Service Rating Poor. Little to no customer support.
Online Reporting Tool BusinessView
Cons Difficult to close account with undisclosed contract terms. Pricing is not consistent with in-house sales and reseller channels. Fund holds, undisclosed hidden fees.
Pros A portion of their portfolio is focused on non-profit organizations with their Greater Giving fundraising program
Highlights Recently acquired Heartland Payment Systems in March 2015.
Customer Service 800-367-2638
Stock Symbol NYSE – “GPN”

MIR Rating 4 out of 5 stars
About Total System Services is the oldest and 2nd largest processor in size to First Data. Their niche appears to be in complex business markets. Established 1983. HQ – Omaha NE
Markets Primarily establishes partnerships with software and business value added companies. High presence in government and medical environments.
Portfolio CPAY, TransFirst, First National Merchant Solutions, Clarity Payment Solutions, Card Tech Ltd, TermNet Merchant Services, ProPay, Central Payments,
Customers $2 Million merchants in 80 countries, thanks to over 400 issuing clients
Revenue $1 Trillion in annual transaction volume with 14B annual transactions
Common Complaints Medium – due to lack of service from reseller channels
Early Termination Fee $500 year 1, $250 year 2 & 3
Rate Structures Interchange Pass-thru, Simplified Tier Pricing Plans
Customer Service Rating Fair
Online Reporting Tool TSYS Merchant Solutions
Cons Billing issues with closed accounts. Auto Renewal contracts. Expensive equipment lease options. Confusing customer service channels vary based on account relationships.
Pros Specializes in specific niche markets for customized pricing and technology such as Mindbody Software
Highlights No recent highlights from this company
Customer Service 800-228-2443
Stock Symbol NYSE – “TSS”

MIR Rating 4 out of 5 stars
About Formerly known as RBS Worldpay Established 1991. HQ – Atlanta Ga
Markets and online payments / eCommerce
Portfolio Cardsave, SecureNet, Envoy Services Ltd., Century Payments,
Customers Focus in UK and USA market. Serves 146 countries and supports 126 different currencies. Mix of multinational, multichannel small business retailers.
Revenue $526B in sales transaction volume, with 400k merchants doing 11.4B annual transactions
Common Complaints Medium. Complaints are more apparent in UK market
Early Termination Fee $295 prorated
Rate Structures Interchange Pass-thru, Flat Fee, Simplified Tier-Pricing
Customer Service Rating Fair
Online Reporting Tool WorldPay Merchant Portal
Cons Given the size and global presence of WorldPay, customer service may be a challenge. Not recommended for small or startup businesses.
Pros Great fit for enterprise & international business payment solutions. Underwriting for high risk accounts.
Highlights Bankout solution provides high volume, seamless payments to customers and suppliers, without the expense of making international bank payments.
Customer Service 800-859-5965
Stock Symbol LSE – “WPG”

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