One Good Reason to Open Your Merchant Service Statement Today!

The #1 mistake a merchant will make when signing up for a merchant service account is not paying attention to the details of the agreement. The lowest rate seems to be the driving factor in choosing a credit card processing company, and once it sounds good business owners sign away.

Did you know FEES are how the processors make up for the extremely low incentive rate? Pay attention to the fees that are listed in the contract, and try to eliminate as many of the junk fees as possible.

Here's a fee to pay particular attention to - PCI Non-Compliance.


The PCI Non-Compliance Fee is likely the most expensive, unnecessary monthly fee administered to merchant service accounts. While PCI Compliance is a legitimate fee, the non-compliance fee is completely avoidable. PCI Compliance fees can vary from processor to processor. Some charge a monthly fee, while others charge a quarterly or annual fee. Regardless of how and when it's charged, it can be broken down to a monthly fee which typically ranges from $6-$12/mo.

Becoming PCI Compliant requires that the merchant complete a survey and or scan. It's a relatively simple process assuming the merchant is savvy and has about 15-20 minutes to dedicate to the process. Assistance with the survey and scan is typically offered, but not proactively advertised. The main reason being is that merchant service resellers tend to make more profit on non-compliance fees. Expect to pay an additional $10/mo for being PCI Non-Compliant. That'll double your cost for PCI without the benefits of actually being compliant!

Below is a list of PCI security companies that contract with the Top Core Processors in the country. If you find a PCI Non-Compliance fee on your statement, it's likely you've been charged that amount since the inception of your account. However, most processors give a 60-90 day grace period to complete the SAQ. To understand the consequences of being non-compliant contact Merchant Intelligence Report for a free guide.

The references below go greatly in depth about PCI, so there's no need for me to regurgitate the facts. Simply locate your processor below. Merchant Intelligence Report has provided the links and contact numbers to get you started. For more information about merchant service fees and rates, please contact us for a consultation.

First Data - PCI Rapid Comply 1-877-201-3617

Elavon - TrustWave 1-866-659-9067

PCI Compliance Manager 1-800-725-1243

Vantiv - TrustWave 1-800-363-1621

OmniShield Assure - Vantive PCI Compliance Guide

Heartland - ControlScan 1-800-825-3301

Heartland Secure

Global Payments - Security Metrics 1-801-705-5700

WorldPay - SafeMaker 1-800-268-0386

WorldPay PCI Guide

TSYS - TrustWave 1-800-210-1173