Don’t Sign On The Dotted Line, Anymore

Staring April 1st, 2018, merchants will have the option of bypassing cardholder’s signature for credit or debit card purchases in the U.S. and Canada (globally for Amex). In the “No More Signatures” announcement, the major card brands have unanimously agreed to remove this requirement as they align with the world’s shift to digital payments. This will allow for faster, more convenient check outs without impacting the security or safety of EMV chip technology and tokenization, which are superior fraud prevention methods.


Removing the signature requirement is optional. However, it does require that merchants utilize EMV terminals to delete this process. Some state jurisdictions may still require certain businesses to collect a signature from customers. Also, merchants may still opt to require signatures from their customers for business purposes of their own. The goal is to help speed customers through the check-out line and provide a more consistent, seamless experience for every customer with every purchase.

A majority of credit card and debit transactions today already do not require a signature at the point of sale. Due to advancements in the payment industry, the need for signatures has declined and both merchants and consumers have come to expect a simplified process that is both safe and secure.

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